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Copying Down


We provide all types of sworn and free translations and have expertise in academic, legal, business and financial language. We do not disclose our client portfolio and we have an agile and reliable team, ensuring the complete confidentiality of our work.

English Hall has an innovative structure that guarantees efficiency even with our clients' daily communications, such as emails and conference calls. All our translations, professional or sworn, are proofread by a native speaker of the target language, which guarantees the highest quality, cohesion, and accuracy of our texts.

Our translators are selected based on their qualifications and experience. Whatever the subject matter, our managers will assign the most suitable translators for your project. English Hall's translation services are of the highest quality.


We offer translations into various languages; 

English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian

Legal Documentation

All kinds of legal documents; contracts, opinions, notifications, reports, claims, etc. 

Sworn Translations

Sworn translations of documents for use in court or in other legal issues.

Academic Texts

Academic papers, articles, projects, research, abstracts, etc. In this area it is normal for us to discuss terminology with our clients in order to guarantee quality.


Translation and localization (extremely important) of websites, advertising, brochures, promotional material, flyers, etc.


Transcription, translation and subtitling services (no minimum video length)


Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for conferences, meetings, negotiations, presentations, etc.

Social media

News articles, magazines, press releases, social media posts, etc.


Engineering, manuals, technical documentation, technical drawings, instructions, patents etc.

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